Branko Ninkovic

Founder and Executive Director


Branko has over 25 years' experience specialising in software and cyber security.

Branko is known for his innovative and collaborative approach and the key to Branko's success is his ability to develop strong, enduring partnerships which are outcomes driven, providing value to all involved.

Branko is also the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) Sydney Chair. AISA is a non-for-profit organisation with a membership of over 6000 security professionals nationally.

Branko was the recipient of AISA's 2019 Branch Chair of the Year award.

In addition, Branko is also the cofounder of healthcare start up, VAXXIN8, a digital platform, whose mission is to protect healthcare workers from vaccination preventable diseases.

Branko is also a knowledgeable and engaging speaker on cyber security and business who has spoken at numerous events including IBM seminars and global vendor conferences, and a cyber security advisor to boards and mentor to young and upcoming cyber professionals.

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Branko Ninkovic