Secure Identity & Access Management

Safeguard your organisations systems, data and applications from unauthorised access

Scalable, flexible secure access for any user or device to any environment, from anywhere

Dragonfly MFA implementation and integration services

Set adaptive policies and secure remote users

User-friendly Single Sign-on

“Dragonfly's integrated and innovative approach to automation is transforming the way Telstra Purple team work, leading to incredible productivity gains”

Aaron Eisler,

Head of Automation and Robotics @ Telstra Purple

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Key features

Multi-Factor Authentication

Cloud-based solutions to protect your applications using a second source of validation.

Adaptive Access Policies

Assign granular and contextual access policies, limiting exposure of your information to as few users and devices as possible.

Remote Access

Secure both on-premises and cloud environments such as AWS and Microsoft Azure without a VPN.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Implementation of SSO to enable users to log in to a single dashboard to gain access to all applications.

Simplified Management

Intuitive administration via admin-friendly dashboard backed with extensive detailed reporting.

Confirm user identities

Ensure users are who they say they are at every access attempt, and regularly reaffirm their trustworthiness.


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