Virtual CISO as a Service

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at your fingertips

Augment your team’s capabilities and support your business security and compliance requirements

Expertise without the costly expense of a full-time C-level role

Support to keep your business ahead of the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape

Tailored packages to support businesses of all sizes

“Dragonfly are a highly skilled team of professionals that work closely to meet the needs of their clients whilst providing a proactive approach to IT security. They acknowledge ‘as-is’ whilst working to improve the future security posture for their clients.”



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Trusted by some of Australia’s most security conscience organisations

Over the last 15 years, Dragonfly has been trusted by organisations to keep their infrastructure secure. You can tap into the extensive expertise garnered through working with a diverse set of industries and sizes and apply the learnings to your organisation. Dragonfly can tailor a vCISO Advisory Service to suit your business needs and rapidly respond to the changing digital landscape you are faced with daily

vCISO Advisory Service activities include

Security Strategy & Planning

Support cyber security strategy, develop capability and investment roadmaps.

Risk Management

Business cyber security risk assessments and planning to protect your organisation from cyber risk.


Expertise compliance requirements to support your organisation and ensure your business can achieve and maintain cyber security compliance.

Board Education & Awareness

Activities include, establishing cyber security board reporting, board cyber security mentoring and coaching, simulated board crisis management and response and board advisory.

Policy & Framework

Develop internal cyber security policies and frameworks.

Ongoing impartial assessment of your environment

Trusted advisor to provide an ongoing impartial assessment of your business cyber security posture.

Dragonfly virtual CISOs

Deep Expertise: Our vCISOs have worked with 100’s of clients in diverse industries and sizes who apply their broad expertise to your organisation

Trusted Advisors: Dragonfly is the chosen security partner of some of the largest security conscious government departments and ASX listed businesses

Pioneers: Since 2005, Dragonfly has been assisting organisations with governance, risk and compliance and accelerating business strategies through technology

Truly Independent: Our independence ensures best of breed solutions in building your cyber resilience and mitigating your risks


Cyber Security Education & Awareness

It was an absolute pleasure to have professional support from the Dragonfly team. Dragonfly were efficient, considerate and empathetic in their work. I'd highly recommend reaching out."

Chief Operating Officer

Australian Media Agency

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Security Assessment

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Digital Exposure

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