Phishing Awareness, Prevention & Response

Phishing simulations, education and tools designed to help prepare your employees for cyber attacks.

Phishing is the Number 1 way hackers breach organisation's IT environment

90% of successful data breaches start with a Phishing attack

Phishing is the top delivery vehicle for ransomware

Human intelligence is the best defence against Phishing

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Our Approach


Dragonfly can help better prepare your employees to identify Phishing emails and avoid the financial and repetitional risks associated with phishing and ransomware.

Our approach includes:

  • Realistic Phishing simulations to test your employees and provide insights
  • Phishing Education & Awareness Training
  • Benchmark your current risk exposure and measure improvement over time


Dragonfly support business with a layered response to prevention of Phishing attacks.

  • Implementation of next generation Email and Web Filtering Tools
  • Regular phishing simulations
  • Continuous learning


Should your business be impacted by a phishing incident, Dragonfly can support with a rapid response capability.

Activities include:

  • Assessment of impact and damage
  • Immediately implement remediations to contain and limit further impact
  • Provide post-incident recommendations to reduce future exposure

Dragonfly Phishing Simulation

Created by Security Experts, using the latest industry trends, delivered rapidly, with real-time reporting.

Custom Campaigns & Templates

End-to-end campaign support with a dedicated security specialist

Real-time campaign dashboard

Identify user groups to target education

Instant end user notification and Phishing education

Simplified campaign-based pricing

Interactive Education and Awareness

Provide immediate, contextual Phishing awareness training to end users.

Drive greater awareness to avoid clicking on future phishing campaigns and real-world phishing emails

Customisable to suit your business requirements  Interactive quiz and compliance capability available


Cyber Security Education & Awareness

“It was an absolute pleasure to have professional support from the Dragonfly team. Dragonfly were efficient, considerate and empathetic in their work. I'd highly recommend reaching out"

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