Network & Infrastructure Automation

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Automate your network & infrastructure

As organisations accelerate digital transformation, enterprise networks and security infrastructure are often seen as a bottleneck rather than a strategic enabler for the business. While public cloud platforms provide highly automated capabilities, network and security infrastructure has a manual workflow problem.

The Dragonfly team has the unique skill set required to drive network and security automation, greatly simplifying operational challenges and turbocharging your ability to deploy services to market.  

Automate any network vendor environment

Multi-vendor interoperability and universal API supports configuration and change at scale whilst ensuring flexibility now and in the future.

Automate any network change

Leverage pre-defined automation for common everyday use cases or work with the Dragonfly team to develop and implement automated workflows tailored for your business.

Empower users with self-serve automation

With centralised controls in place, IT and business users can access a simplified, self-serve interface  that enables the consumption of automated service requests and near-instant implementation to a non-technical audience.

Consistency & Compliance

Deliver predictable, consistent outcomes delivered by automated playbooks and ensure device configuration compliance across your environment.

Retain Automation IP

No platform lock in, Dragonfly automation engagements provide transferable IP to ensure ongoing value as your organisation technology strategy evolves.

Automation as a Service

Augment your team capability with options to provide ongoing support for automation workflows - ensuring your automation investment remains updated, secure and evolves with your business.

It's time to unlock the power of automation


Network Automation Use Cases

Device Configuration
Centrally define and manage standardised configurations across your network and security infrastructure.  

Software Upgrades
Embed a highly efficient, accurate approach to managing regular software upgrades across your network devices.

Simplify security audit requirements with automated reporting and remediation to a defined configuration standard.  

Device Onboarding
Support rapid device onboarding with automated configuration and testing.

Firewall Policy Management
Implement FirewallPolicy Management automation to accelerate business requests, significantly reduce network outages and minimise security risks.

Automate beyond a single vendor
Cross platform orchestration across a wide variety of security toolsets, network and server infrastructure vendors.


Automation Services

The Dragonfly team has the unique skillset required to drive network and infrastructure automation across multiple environments. Through our extensive, hands on experience completing automation projects, we have developed a framework that simplifies adoption of automation whilst maximising current existing infrastructure investments.

Automation services include:

  • Develop bespoke automated workflows
  • Rapid Proof of Value engagements
  • Expertise across python, ansible, chef, puppet enterprise, nornir and many more
  • Manage scripts with our Automation as a Service offering
  • Automation Assessments and Discovery

Dragonfly Automation Platform

The Dragonfly Automation platform supports enterprise networks, security infrastructure and cloud services to reduce manual IT operations, simplify management and maintain compliance.  

Delivered as part of Dragonfly managed services, the platform can connect to any network, IT system and security application to provide self-service automation, centralised visibility, event-driven automation and compliance.  

Our team have supported many organisations unlock the potential of automation

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