Authentication & Access Control

Identity Management, Authentication and Access Control enables highly secure access to networks, applications and data for both users and devices

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We help companies adopt zero-trust

A key component of your security architecture, Dragonfly can support with design and deployment of your Identity Management, Authentication and Access control capability. Once enabled, it can help enforce consistent security policies, embed a zero-trust model, gain visibility, and empower teams with the agility they need to get their work done from anywhere, securely.  

Confirm user identities

Ensure users are who they say they are at every access attempt, and regularly reaffirm their trustworthiness.

Monitor device health

Visibility of every device used to access your applications and continuously verify device health and security posture.

Set adaptive security policies

Assign granular and contextual access policies, limiting exposure of your information to as few users and devices as possible

Secure remote access

Provide appropriate permissions for every user accessing any application, anytime and from anywhere

User-friendly Single Sign-on

Reduce the risk of credential theft by enabling users  to access their applications with a single username and password securely.


Meet key compliance requirements such as APRA, ISM,PCI DSS and ISO27001

Key Capabilities


Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Cloud-based solution that protects your applications using a second source of validation
  • Scalable technology suitable for any business size
  • Self-enrolment for fast, easy setup
  • Intuitive administration via an admin-friendly dashboard backed with extensive detailed reporting

Identity Based Networking

Identity aware networking with flexible authentication options

  • Centralise security policies access across both wired and wireless networks
  • Enable automated interface configurations at the edge  
  • Maintain a comprehensive view of your network environment to simplify compliance and alignment to risk management frameworks

Device Trust

  • Visibility into every device on your network with enforced health checks at every login
  • Easy implementation of granular security policies at any time
  • Granular access controls to provide access to the applications users need on the devices they want to use
  • Device Health, Security Check-up and Self-Remediation allows users to take responsibility for the health of their own devices

Adaptive Access Policies

  • Detect user location, device and role at every login and set security policies based on these attributes
  • Check for abnormal access and continuously monitor policy effectiveness
  • Define permissions based on individual device settings for every device – managed or unmanaged
  • Automatically notify users if software is out of date
  • Provide authorised users right application access and specific controls

Remote Access

  • Secure both on-premises and cloud environments such as AWS and  Microsoft Azure without a VPN
  • Add an extra layer of protection to an existing VPN with integrations available for Cisco, Juniper, F5, Citrix, etc.
  • Remote access proxy enables permission control at an individual application level
  • Ability to monitor and scale VPN infrastructure quickly and effortlessly

Single Sign-on

  • Users can log in to a single dashboard to gain access to all applications
  • Integrate with other SSO and identity provider tools

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What is identity and access management?

An integral component of your overall cyber security posture, access control authentication secures access to networks, applications and data for users and devices. Enabling teams within an organisation to access internal information from anywhere at any time, authentication and access control ensure that users are verified and identified before being granted access to private company information or critical data. To safeguard against potential internal and external attacks, businesses can implement access control authentication systems that span monitoring for remote access, adaptive security policies, and endpoint device protection.

What is access control in cyber security?

At Dragonfly Technologies, our top priorities are protecting your information and ensuring your security posture is impenetrable. We can implement the following measures for authentication and access control:

Multi-factor authentication — This cloud-based solution requires users to provide two or more proofs of identity to gain access to internal information.

Securing remote access — We can implement systems that provide appropriate permission for users to access applications from various or changing locations.

Identity-based networking — This flexible authentication solution centralises security policies and access across wired and wireless networks. This enables organisations to maintain an overarching view of their network environment and links directly to risk management frameworks.

Device trust — As part of our authentication and access control services, we enable organisations to have complete visibility into any device that accesses their network. This framework allows for granular security policies to be implemented at any given stage.

Adaptive access policies — By implementing this access control authentication system, you can check for abnormal access and detect the user’s location, device and role every time they log into a device.

Remote access — Securing both on-site and cloud environments, you can add another layer of protection and provide remote access permission at an individual application level.

Single sign-on — Able to be integrated with other SSO and identity provider tools to grant users access to all applications through a single dashboard and log-in system.

If you’d like to execute identity management, authentication and access control to protect your network, application and data from internal or external cyber attacks, contact the team at Dragonfly Technologies to get started. As the chosen security partner for some of Australia’s largest and most recognised organisations, you can rest assured that we’ll devise an access control authentication strategy that delivers on all of its security promises. We have a team of highly experienced engineers who support the adoption of zero-trust security architecture to ensure your company is protected at all costs.

Why are identity and access management important?

Access control authentication is a security process that enables an organisation to manage who is authorised and who has access to corporate data, private information and secure resources.

Without secure access policies in place — such as two-factor authentication and authorisation — any user can gain access to private or classified information. Authentication and access control are crucial to helping organisations keep information safe while avoiding malicious data breaches and cyber phishing attacks.

If you have any questions about how to identity or how access management works, please reach out to us today — we’d be happy to provide you with further information.