Dragonfly Enterprise Solutions

Since 2005, Dragonfly has been the chosen security and network partner for some of Australia’s most recognised organisations and government agencies

Secure, Connect and Automate your organisation

Highly Skilled Resources

World-leading expertise across security, network and automation with proven capability to enable technology and drive business outcomes.

Automation First

Everything we deliver is underpinned by automation: driving consistency, quality, and great experiences.


Dragonfly Enterprise solutions are vendor agnostic and highly customisable to meet your organisations unique requirements.

Cyber Security

Protect your business from cyber threats with our proven cyber security solutions.


Connect, Secure and Automate your critical business networks.


Power your next wave of productivity with Dragonfly Automation.

In demand Enterprise solutions

Penetration Testing

Your information systems are the backbone of your business operations. Penetration tests ensure security vulnerabilities are identified before they are exploited.

Automated Managed Services

Powered by the Dragonfly Automation platform to deliver self service capability and real time visibility across your environment.

Threat Detection & Event Management

Increase visibility, minimise risk and respond to security events across your business.