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Partner with our automation experts to drive your next wave of productivity gains using intelligent automation to transform complex workplace workflows, address operational gaps, and scale your employe's capability like you have never done before.


Integrate and embed security into the heart of your business to uplift cyber resilience.

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Revolutionise your network by leveraging the power of automation and adopting a software mindset.

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Infrastructure as Code

With the proliferation of the cloud and the higher elasticity of infrastructure, it’s time to codify your processes and unlock the true value of automation.

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DevSecOps, one of the key philosophies of our practice, ensures security remains in step with the application development and operation teams throughout the lifecycle. DevSecOps framework ensures security is embedded into the application and not a bolt on afterthought. This approach ensures security is infused in every stage of the delivery lifecycle and is not merely a checkpoint at the end of the project.

Our DevSecOps approach allows you to realise the benefits of:

  • Continuous integration
  • Reduced compliance costs
  • Faster delivery and release

With our domain expertise and experience in cyber security, it is no surprise that some of Australia's most iconic organisations trust our DevSecOps approach to embed security into their planning, execution and operations.


The NetDevOps movement forms the basis of Dragonfly's automation philosophy, with our Network experts embracing the software driven mindset to assist you in creating an automated approach to the lifecycle management of your network. Our NetDevOps mindset will ensure you and your team are introduced to the tools, culture, skills and frameworks required to adopt NetDevOps in your environment and capture the value of this approach.

There are many benefits to the NetDevOps approach our team are practicing including:

  • Removing silos and encouraging open communication across domains.
  • Eliminating mundane manual processes through Infrastructure as Code, resulting in efficiencies, reduced errors, endless repeatability and scalability.
  • Harnessing automation to its fullest potential, paving the way to single node deployment and all the value that comes with it.

Our team of experts will prove how a NetDevOps approach can revolutionise your network and leverage the power of automation to fast track your provisioning times in your systems.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is an approach that applies a software mindset to the management of cloud infrastructure resources. As organisations rapidly expand their cloud footprints the required process to manage multiple environments across development, staging and production becomes increasingly complex.

Dragonfly automation experts can assist you in taking your current infrastructure processes and codifying them to deliver a repeatable, auditable, and highly scalable operating model.

Our team have supported many organisations unlock the potential of automation

“Dragonfly's integrated and innovative approach to automation is transforming the way Telstra Purple team work, leading to incredible productivity gains”

Aaron Eisler, HEad of automation & robotics @ Telstra purple

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