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Dragonfly is the trusted network security partner for some of Australia's largest and most security conscious organisations

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We help companies with complex network security projects

The modern enterprise technology environment has shifted rapidly and blurred the lines of a traditional network perimeter. Dragonfly has a wide range of flexible solutions to safeguard your data, systems, people, and business reputation.

Next Generation Firewall

Comprehensive network visibility, breach prevention and advanced security capabilities, supported by Dragonfly Automation.

Network Access Control

Solutions to support network visibility and access management across all users and devices.


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) secure your users wherever they work with centralised internet control policies, preventing access to malicious or inappropriate content.

Gateway Protection

Protect your multi-cloud environment with centralised policy management.

Visibility & Segmentation

Network visibility and segmentation is a must have defence for enterprises today. Segregating key company data and systems limit attackers lateral movements across your corporate network.

Zero Trust Architecture

Embed the ethos “never trust, always verify”. Dragonfly can support your organisational shift to Zero Trust Architecture model by combining network segmentation, layer 7 threat prevention and user/device access control.

Intrusion Protection & Detection  

Minimise business risk exposure and business operation impact with active network traffic analysis and automated threat response capability.

Our team have helped many companies achieve their network security goals

Experienced industry leaders and technical experts to secure your mission critical systems and support your business objectives.

“We could not have delivered this project without theDragonfly team! You are definitely top of mind when I think of excellence in delivery and commitment to getting stuff done.”


We partner with leading security, cloud, and network vendors

Proven partner ecosystem to provide your business with options and flexibility.