Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities within your business systems and protect sensitive information with a Penetration Test. Managed by a trusted security industry leader, established in 2005

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Penetration Testing and your Security Strategy

Penetration Testing plays a valuable role in an organisations effort to improve its security posture. Regularly performed, it ensures that your applications, websites or infrastructure are secure from compromise.

Protect your organisation with our penetration testing services

Web Applications

Internet based applications such as CMS, e-commerce, financial services customer portals are some of the most common attack vectors

External Infrastructure

Test and secure your external infrastructure perimeter

Remote Access

Remote working is here to stay. Ensure your remote workforce and underlying access solutions are secure from malicious actors


Assess overall security posture of your public cloud environment. Validate security configurations, databases, APIs, and secure storage access

Mobile Applications

Ensure your iOS and Android mobile applications are secure with a focused mobile application penetration test


Safeguard your business wireless network and prevent unauthorised access with a wireless penetration test

Physical Security

Simulated intrusion across your business’ physical security. Testing includes assessment of physical controls and staff awareness to understand current risk exposure and remediate any weaknesses

Vulnerability Management

Reduce risk exposure with continuous vulnerability management. Dragonfly can support with tools, management and aaS offerings to suit your requirements

Internal Infrastructure

Understand the blast radius. An internal infrastructure penetration test helps identify what an attacker who has internal access could achieve and how best to mitigate this in the future

Require something bespoke?

Contact our cyber security experts and we can work through your unique security testing requirements


Identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your applications and infrastructure.

Analysis & Reporting

Detailed report with findings, prioritised risk, and impact along with specific recommendations


Exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems to prove compromise.


Monitor the health of your systems over time with regular penetration tests

Proven Penetration Testing Approach

Since 2005, Dragonfly have supported security conscious organisations with an independent testing to ensure their applications, website, or infrastructure is secure from compromise.