Dragonfly Small and Medium Business Solutions

Since 2005, Dragonfly have been the chosen partner for a range of businesses from small to large. We understand the needs of small and medium businesses and we take the time to tailor solutions to your unique environment

Secure and connect your business

Flexible Solutions

We provide flexible solution options to fit your unique business requirements

Rapid Implementation

Our SMB solutions are fast to quote and can be implemented rapidly

Secure By Design

All solutions secure by design, following global best security practices to protect your business

Cyber Security

Protect your business from cyber threats with our proven cyber security solutions.

Security & Awareness

Don't let your employees be the weak link in your organisation’s IT security. We can help embed security awareness within your business.


Connect, Secure and Automate your critical business networks.

Explore popular business solutions

Security Assessment

You know you need to improve your security posture but unsure where to start? Security Assessments provide targeted security recommendations to place you on the right path.

Threat Detection & Response

Increase visibility, minimise risk and respond to security events across your business.

Penetration Testing

Your information systems are the backbone of your business operations. Penetration tests ensure security vulnerabilities are identified before they are exploited.

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