The challenges of a constantly evolving threat landscape combined with limited IT budgets as well as the push for efficiencies in IT initiatives heralds the need for flexible security solutions for organisations of all sizes to address the constantly evolving threat landscape. We know that today’s threat landscape affords attackers many options when looking for attack options from open firewall ports for legitimate purposes. This combined with the sheer number attack points available has led to highly visible breaches we hear about on a daily basis.

How can an organisation remain on top of this ongoing threat whilst needing to do more with less budget?

That’s where a Managed Security Services (MSS) can reduce the burden and cost of your data protection and compliance.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides security device monitoring and alerting as well as advanced threat detection and real-time incident response, containment and remediation. The security lifecycle is completely covered from detection to containment and remediation ensuring your business does not skip a beat.

A well designed and thought through SOC will assist you every step of the way by

  • Identifying when an attack starts
  • Who is attacking
  • How is the attack being conducted
  • Create containment to the incursion
  • Providing intelligence on what data or systems are being compromised

Can you own, manage and maintain your security systems in-house? Of course, you can but you will be faced with significant capital, licensing and maintenance costs. Significant expertise and time are required to manage these systems effectively further adding burdens.

The key is finding an MSS provider like Dragonfly that can provide cost-effective pricing, specialised expertise and support for your existing technology infrastructure.

What are my Security Peers doing?

Research indicates that almost nine out of 10 organisations report that they have an internal or external SOC with most progressing towards the goal of a proactive and optimised security operation.

Of these organisations, despite their efforts, more than 1 in 4 are only operating in reactive mode with ad-hoc approaches to their security operations, threat hunting and incidence response.

The key issue is that most organisations are overwhelmed by alerts and a staggering 93% are unable to triage all relevant threats. This is where our SOC can really help you to make sense of the detected threats and assist in identifying and responding to alerts that have real-world implications.

Time and time again, the highest priorities identified by our clients is their ability to improve their response to confirmed attacks which includes coordination, remediation, eradication and preventing reoccurrences.

The implementation of Dragonfly’s SOC means

  • You can be assured you have security expertise 24x7x365
  • Access to the unrivalled breadth of security visibility and up to the minute threat intelligence
  • Moving from reactive mode into a proactive and optimised mode in your security operations, threat hunting and incidence response
  • Increase in your security posture over time in a cost-effective manner

Dragonfly integrates the people and processes to become an extension of your current security operations team and provides an integrated security incident lifecycle for you to count on. Contact us to discuss how our SOC could assist you in securing your incident lifecycle once and for all.