Whether you’re a business or enterprise client, Dragonfly Technologies offers a range of innovative cyber security solutions. These include:

Penetration testing

A penetration test is a foolproof cyber security solution that assures an application, website, or infrastructure is secure from exploitable vulnerabilities. Penetration testing involves the attempted breaching of a range of application systems through external, internal, blind, double-blind and targeted testing to improve your organisation’s security posture. When you employ our cyber security solutions providers, we will identify and exploit weaknesses within your applications and infrastructure before creating a detailed analytic report that showcases our findings. Throughout the process, we’ll continue to monitor the health of your systems with regular penetration tests.

As cyber security solution providers, we provide:

Web applications — To avoid attack vectors like CMS, e-commerce, and customer portals. External infrastructure — To test and secure your external infrastructure perimeter. 
Remote access — To ensure underlying access solutions are secure from attackers.
Cloud — To assess your public cloud environment and validate security configurations, databases and secure storage access. 
Mobile applications — To ensure your iOS and Android mobile applications are secured.
Wireless — To safeguard your network and prevent unauthorised access. 
Physical security — To assess physical controls and staff awareness to understand the risk of exposure and weaknesses.
Vulnerability management — To reduce risk exposure with tools, management and aaS offerings. 
Internal infrastructure — To identify what an attacker with internal access could achieve. 

Application Security

Our application security services cover all aspects of the business development lifecycle to prevent data or code within an app from being stolen, replicated or hijacked. Our integrated and innovative approach includes the following: 
Automated code vulnerability tools —
From SAST and DAST to IAST, we partner with leading vulnerability vendors to provide you with an automated code analysis to protect all business applications. 
Secure code review —
Offering the most comprehensive cyber security solutions in Australia, our expert team of security engineers will assess and ensure your business application code is protected. 
Secure architecture review —
Assess your application design components to identify vulnerabilities against best practices.
Threat modelling —
Early stage risk assessment to identify and eliminate potential threats while the application is still in the development phase. 
Container security —
Provide security programs to empower your developers with implementation skills on how to create secure web applications.

Phishing awareness, prevention and response

This cyber security solutions service is specifically designed to help you prepare your employees for cyberattacks. Our team can help your staff identify phishing emails through simulations, education, and awareness training programs. In terms of preventing this threat, we will support your business with a layered method that includes the implementation of filtering tools, regular phishing simulations and ongoing learning and development analyses. Should your business be impacted by a phishing incident, our cyber security solution providers will assess the damage, implement strategies to limit the impact and provide post-incident recommendations to reduce exposure to future risk.

Threat detection and response

As the frequency of cyber threats and attacks continues to rise, it’s never been more crucial to have visibility into your company’s security posture. When you partner with Dragonfly Technologies, our cyber security solutions include an innovative, industry-leading Threat Detection and Event Management tool that will support your cyber security incident discovery and containment process.

This service includes:

Managing security operations with real-time visibility and targeted alerts — As a cyber security solution provider, we will operate as your virtual security team, providing 24/7 detection and response. With our tools, your business will be able to immediately identify unauthorised access or abnormal and suspicious activity from both internal and external sheets.  
Security automation — Our first response approach will shift your team’s focus from alert watching to managing critical issues if and when they arise. 
Compliance and reporting — We can support your reporting requirements to suit your operations, executives and board. Open integration — We will integrate our tool with your existing security controls and providers.

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