The Client

Telstra Purple is the largest Australian owned technology services business, bringing together Telstra Enterprise’s business Technology services capabilities and a number of its recently acquired companies, focused on outcome-based, transformative technology solutions servicing Australia's largest organisations.

The Challenge

As organisations accelerate digital transformation, enterprise networks and security infrastructure are often seen as a bottleneck rather than a strategic enabler for the business. While public cloud platforms provide highly automated capabilities, network and security infrastructure on the other hand, has a manual workflow problem that needs to be addressed. Telstra also recognised that with staff turnover came loss of valuable IP, which, if captured and made reusable, would create considerable efficiencies both across the business and for clients.

The Solution

To combat this, Telstra Purple set out to build Rapid, a platform that increased the automation capabilities across the business. Rapid enables Telstra's engineers to create and reuse complex automation across workflows which allows them to maintain valuable IP whilst driving operational efficiencies and offering a better service to their client.

Telstra joined forces with Dragonfly to build a platform that essentially enabled their engineers to create automation as they go without needing a software skillset. The Rapid platform has given Telstra an enviable competitive advantage with the ability to create modular, reusable automation pieces which can be used to build automation regardless of the how complex or bespoke a project is.

The Result

The Rapid Automation project has been touted as a resounding success with Telstra's Head of Automation, Aaron Eisler, calling it a "gamechanger". Initially intended for internal use, the uptake and positive response to the platforms capabilities has been so well received that Telstra Purple are now offering the platform to their clients for use within their own infrastructure so they can reap the benefits.

As a further testament to the project success, Dragonfly has been named as Telstra Purple's Preferred Automation Partner ensuring the team will continue to work closely with the technology giant beyond the Rapid Platform project.

What the client said

With the gap in the market, we knew that innovation was going to be key so we invested in a team dedicated to solve the problem. Finding partners like Dragonfly who have specific expertise, in specific areas is brilliant.

Christopher Smith

Executive at Telstra Purple